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Does the song “Baby Got Back” get you excited? If you’re a fan of the larger ladies, you might think that the webcam world doesn’t cater to you. Well, if all you’ve seen is SecretFriends, I can see how you’d think that – all they offer are thin, young girls. However, that’s not the only cam site out there, and there are some that include some big, beautiful women just for you! All it takes is a little searching and you’ll find sites that have these big babes right next to the thinner girls that some guys like. Here are just a few sites featuring large girls on cam.

BBWs, as they’re referred to, can be found on several sites. Peekshows, for example, is one of my favorite sites to find the larger babes on. They have a good number of women who are a bit bigger than those you might find on other sites. Plus, the Peekshow girls do on occasion get naked in free chat! Yes, that happens on sites other than SecretFriends!

Now, it’s not going to happen all the time, obviously, but if you hang around the site for a few days, you’ll probably get a free peek at a few naked bodies. The big girls do it just as often as the thinner chicks do, so you can chat with the porky girls and not worry about missing free nakedness.


Spread4U is another site with some BBW babes just waiting to go private with you. The site is fairly cheap on its private chats, which is always nice, and there are usually twenty or so large ladies online at any given time. The site also doesn’t require any upfront payment or information from you to register, so you can create an account right from the start.

Camcontacts is a big favorite, and they feature BBWs right along with just about every other type of girl you can imagine. Now, there are two things about Camcontacts that make it a bit less user-friendly than the other sites I’ve discussed. One is that you have to give out your credit card information right away or you can’t do much in the way of chatting. Some people don’t like to do this (I’m often leery of it, myself), but Camcontacts have proven to be a reliable site that won’t see off your information.

The other issue with Camcontacts is that there’s no category for large women, so you’ll either have to go through all the girls looking for the porkers or take your chance at a search query. Searching for “BBW” will return a list of girls with BBW in their names or profiles, and there are a nice number of choices on that list. However, I’m sure it doesn’t include every large babe on the site.

These three sites are a great place to start your online BBW hunt. Again, all it takes is a little searching and you’ll find a number of big, beautiful women just waiting to have some hot webcam fun with you!

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